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Nurture Islamic values in your children

The freedom to fit learning around your family life.

You choose when and where you child completes their studies. Set your own schedule and work on your own time.

AhlulBayt envisions a global classroom where all Islamic children feel connected to their religious education. Work together with your child to complete work modules and then challenged them put their learning into action.

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Our digital platform

A digital platform that utilises a variety of online learning methodologies to present information in an easy to understand and absorb format designed to be enjoyable as well as enlightening. As each lesson progresses, important points are summarised and reiterated, and supporting Qur’anic verses quoted to provide greater context for students. The children are also asked to engage in online activities designed to help them understand the key points of each lesson.

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Subscription Options

You can choose from a variety of subscription options. Find the best fit for your family from the list below.

One Child $48 annual subscription $4 monthly subscription
Two Children $84 annual subscription $7 monthly subscription
Three Children $120 annual subscription $10 monthly subscription


The conceptual framework of the curriculum is based on the comprehensive verse 177 of Surat al-Baqarah, from which eight learning modules have been developed. The vision of Ahlulbayt Education is to nurture piety in our students. Piety, or taqwa, is based on a Muslim’s relationship with his Lord. Implicit in this understanding is the necessity of fully comprehending the nature of the relationship with our Creator. Verse 2:177 encapsulates the true meaning of piety (al-Birr) and forms the overarching vision for this curriculum.